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Top 5 Signs To Know Your Commercial Ice Machine Needs Repairs

Believe it or not, but over 1.2 million ice makers are operating in the places like restaurants, cafes, hospitals and hotels in the USA. However, ice makers are very popular all year round. The spring and summer months when the weather is particularly hot, ice machines can be used be more widely everywhere as the entire population wants to stay hydrated and cool in the intense glare of the sun.

However, restaurants like commercial premises more often depend on ice machines for their livelihood. Without an ice making machine, there’s no way left to keep the drinks cold. That’s certainly important in New York City, where a cold beverage can be an enticement to the customers during the hot summer. If you own a restaurant and have a commercial ice machine, make sure it receives a maintenance session from a qualified New York City ice machine repair service at least once or twice a year. Beyond that, check for the common signs that your system is experiencing trouble and that your commercial ice making equipments requires a repair. Here’s a quick checklist to consider:

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Commercial Ice Maker Repair

Minimal Water Flow

If there are clogs in the water filter or along the line, then the ice machine may result less water flow, that gives rise to low ice production. It will be a serious problem, if the ice runs out of the machine.


Leaks stand out as the most common problem in a commercial ice making machine. Any kind of leak can be problematic for the functionality of the ice making equipments. It’s highly recommended to look for those leaks that result in large, bulky chunks of ice being produced.

Flow Of Warm Water

If you find the water inside the ice maker is not cold enough or it takes too long to make the ice, then something might be wrong with the equipment

No Power Sign

No power is a quite obvious sign that shows something wrong inside the ice machine. It can be occurred due to the loose wires present inside the ice machine or by a problem in your electrical system. It’s suggested to check the circuit breaker to know whether it’s tripped!

Restricted Air Flow

Ice production merely depends upon the air flow to do its job perfectly. So it’s quite obvious that some systems need to clear exhaust passages. Check to make sure nothing is deposited in the ice machine to restrict the air flow before considering the immediate assistance from a certified technician. At the end, check for all these five signs regularly to ensure the qualitative and durable outcomes of the ice making equipments.

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